Our History

The legendary ancestor

of the FÉG Defense Systems Ltd. was entered into the registry of economic associations under the name Arms and Machine Factory Co. (Fegyver És Gépgyár) on the day 24 February 1891.
In Hungary, this was the day of commencement of large scale manufacturing of arms.

The range of profile of the company includes, in addition to it’s main activity the production of arms, the special-purpose machines, tool machines and tools required for the production of arms.

The company acquired world-wide renown by the Frommer-type repeater pistols then they started the fabrication of various types of hunting and sporting weapons. In the European championship of 1929 held in Stockholm, the hunting rifles of the FÉG company were the first among the products of the large gun-makers of the world.

In the period of World War II. in addition to providing the supplies of the Hungarian Army, the factory manufactured large volumes of war weaponry also for export demands. Following the end of the World War, the range of products of the company included the Kalashnikov-system assault rifles, light machine guns, sniper rifles and, in their progressively widening selection of types pistols and shotguns, hunting and air rifles. In the past years the products of the company became gradually more and more popular in the domestic and foreign markets.

In 1958, the plant reached the markets of developed industrial countries with the Monte Carlo double-barrelled shotgun, and in 1971, the 100,000th Monte Carlo model was produced.
Also in 1971, on the occasion of the World Hunting Exhibition, the managers of the factory held substantive discussions with 60 foreign business partners and specialist companies, several of whom later became good cooperating partners. It was then that FEG presented for the first time a full range of sporting and hunting weapons to its business partners, which they could also take over during the negotiations. By the time of the World Hunting Exhibition, the FEG initiative was realized, according to which Hungary also became a member of the 1921 Brussels Convention.

During the past more than a century the name and the manufacturing profile of the company was changed several times, however, they have always retained the production of arms as their main activity. In addition to the arms products, a new business range, the production of various size of steel castings was established, which was taken place according to the 180-9002 TÜV Quality Assurance system.

In 1990, as the aftermath of the Eastern-bloc collapse the legendary FÉG dissolved to subcompanies. In the following period, the FÉG subsidiary companies was operated by various successors with more or less success until 2014.

As the HVAC divisions regards, the plant was started to manufacture water heaters and gas-industry automatics beyond the firearms in 1965, and a new division was established. Consequently, the plant changed her name to Weapon and Gas Appliance Factory (Fegyver- és Gázkészülékgyár).

Nowadays the MPF FÉG and VARA FÉG represents this Independent Divisions, and manufactures FÉG convectors, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) products.
The MPF Industry Groups is the largest heating device manufacturer in East-Central Europe, is a market leader in several product categories. Customers encounter the FÉG name from Europe to North America.

The FÉG Defense Systems Co. Ltd. presently a small size enterprise which was established in 2016. We lead, and -continue the way in the Firearm Division.
With our sole possession of are world-wide renown 130-year Hungarian Arms and Machine Factory’s (Fegyver És Gépgyár) documentation, blueprint database and know-how, we are working on reforging of the brand name.
Our mission is to reorganize our firearms production capabilities and implement 21st century modern manufacturing technologies. Establishing production facilities, equipped with the best available techniques and expertise, and fulfilling modern International Standards, and Quality Management System for the serial production of weaponry again.

Naturally, our primary objective is to return with the well-known Quality Brand, and re-enter the Global market, especially the US civilian firearms segment, with our new innovative products.

Our Management is an entire new and independent from the past 30 years FÉG organizations. Together with our young motivated and innovative colleagues; and -in possession of all FÉG Manufacturer’s Rights, Licenses, and Know-How we have an excellent platform to the Research & Development & Innovation, and –technologize of new weapon-systems, elements and accessories.

The three letters of the company logo denotes a factory and a profession of a successful past which has justified in its history that its products are the creative work of masters of the crafts which acquired renown not only in the domestic markets but also in several countries of the world.

Established 1891